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The Hot Stock Market Tips NSE BSE mobile app has a clear and easy-to-understand video guide hosted on YouTube. Watch the video guide below.

Indrajit Mukherjee

The Mastermind

Mr. Indrajit Mukherjee is the mastermind of the Hot Stock Market Tips NSE BSE mobile app.

Indrajit is a graduate engineer by education. He is trading and following the Indian stock markets since 2002. When he started trading there was not even a good charting platform. Indrajit was the witness of the charting and terminal revolution in the stock market. From no charts there came premitive charts and then advanced charts and nowadays even all brokers are giving great charts.

Indrajit felt that though there are plenty of charting software but people has either lack of knowledge or lack of time to study the charts. He felt the need of a software or an app that can analyse the charts for the traders and generate clear and easy to understand trading calls for them. So he launched this Hot Stock Market Tips NSE BSE app. No study, no chart reading, just get ready to trade highly accurate trading calls in your mobile phone.

Launch Countdown

Android and web versions are already out. Want to test the accurate profit-making trading calls? Request trial access below.

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